Fun greeting messages in Fish terminal

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Fish Shell

There are many great terminals out there. Oh My Zsh was my favorite one until I tried Fish. Fish Shell was much easier to setup and it had all features I needed out of the box, without installing any plugins.

Suppress Greeting Message in Fish Shell

Every time you open new terminal window in Fish it shows a welcoming message:

Welcome to fish, the friendly interactive shell
Type help for instructions on how to use fish

To remove the greeting message in Fish use:

set -U fish_greeting

Customize Greeting Message in Fish Shell

Static Greeting Message

set -U fish_greeting "🐟"

Dynamic Greeting Message

Create fish_greeting function

In the Fish terminal write or copy and paste:

function fish_greeting
    switch (random 1 5)
        case 1
            echo "🐟"
        case 2
            echo "🐠"
        case 3
            echo "🐡"
        case 4
            echo "🐳"
        case 5
            echo "🦈"

Save fish_greeting

funcsave fish_greeting

Fun Greeting Messages in Fish

Install fortune, cowsay, lolcat


sudo apt install fortune-mod cowsay
sudo snap install lolcat


brew install fortune cowsay lolcat

Combine fortune, cowsay, lolcat to Have Cool Looking Fish Greeting Messages

function fish_greeting
    fortune | cowsay | lolcat
funcsave fish_greeting

Final Result

An example of a fun greeting message in Fish terminal

Thank you for reading!

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